Can’t get enough of Final Fantasy 8

Posted on March 29th, 2006 in Music,Video Games by andrija

Yes, I finished the game a few weeks ago, but just yesterday I had a 12 hour marathon watching the recap of the game that I got off Ebay.  It’s basically as if you’re playing the game, sans random battles.  Must’ve been a lot of work to make it.  Anyway, the fact that I managed to spend the day watching it should say enough about how much I liked the game.  I really should’ve played it back in 1999 when it came out.  But I only had a PC back then and wasn’t interested in console games at all.  I guess I probably didn’t miss that much anyway, except for a few Japanese RPGs such as Chrono Cross and Final Fantasies.  These days PC gaming is a pale shadow of what it once was, and unless you’re into online games (which I’m not) or first-person shooters (which I play even if they’re bad, like Pariah) the only reason it is still viable are a few and far apart exclusive games such as Half-Life 2.

The main reason I’m mentioning FF8 is because I’m hooked on the theme song “Eyes on Me”.  The song is very nice melody-wise, though lyrics are hit and miss (some rather strange sounding english at times).  However, because it ties directly into the
story of the game, it gets a boost from it that makes it bigger than it is on its own.  Poor Laguna, is all I can say.

I need to write a review – what I have right now on the website cannot be called a review, it’s utter garbage – but I’m just incapable of writing anything acceptable right now.  Hopefully soon, as I want to rewatch Final Fantasy X movies so that I can write the review of that game as well.

5th Ending for Bleach is catchy

Posted on February 24th, 2006 in Anime & Manga,Music by andrija

Steven was right, Life is a nice song to end an episode of Bleach.  While it doesn’t feature in latest episodes (its last appearance is the Episode 63 special), it did feature in best episodes.  I found lyrics″>lyrics> for it as well.