Sharp LC-46D62U Firmware Update

Posted on September 8th, 2008 in Hardware & Software,TV by andrija

Believe it or not, TVs have firmware too.  I owned my Sharp for close to 2 years now but just last week I decided to look up whether some of the issues I had were resolved.  Namely a missing line (I was able to see only 1079 instead of 1080) and an annoying issue with BTB/WTW (blacker than black and whiter than white) signals.  The latter was manifesting itself through flicker and noise-like artifacts when using Playstation 3, either when playing some games like Haze or even just in XMB.  Setting the PS3 display to output limited range when routed through my Yamaha receiver (which clips BTB) or full range if connected directly to TV would take care of XMB but the game issue was new.  That mean that TV does not like getting limited signal when it believes it should be getting full range, or vice versa.  Or something along those lines.

Anyways, I found firmware 1.07 on usual site for such stuff ( and used my old 256MB SD card.  It worked, but the firmware consists of two files, each for a different subsystem of the TV.  It looks like only the first one is being read so I had to delete it after successful update in order to get the other one to be applied as well.  In the end, it looks like my second issue is now resolved so I’m happy.  I also learned a few things about my TV I didn’t know – dynamic contrast is active always if using movie, dynamic and fixed dynamic modes and is disabled otherwise.  I might use movie mode in the future when watching movies in order to get maximum benefit in dark scenes.  The biggest find was that discrete code for input 5 (second HDMI input) actually does exist and is even available on Harmony website (within TV definition like any other key).  That means that I was able to get rid of the macro to switch to input 5 which never had 100% success rate and took pretty long to execute.  In the end I managed to get rid of two annoyances with my TV and learn how to utilize one of its features so I am quite happy.

House made me do it!!!

Posted on March 31st, 2007 in TV by andrija

How crazy it is when you buy a product – in this case BluRay disk – just because it was mentioned by your favourite character, or should I say actor – while he or she was actually acting?

Uhm, that’s too confusing. Let’s make it simple. Know House, M.D.? The best recent show on TV? He has a rat, which he named Steve McQueen. Well, I saw a BluRay disk”Bullitt” in BestBuy and then FutureShop today. It has “Steve McQueen” written on it and it was $25. So I bought it. Because if House likes it enough to name his rat after the actor, then it must be good.