Yesterday weather was weird – today it was simply bad

Posted on February 6th, 2008 in Uncategorized by andrija

Weather yesterday was weird and uncomfortable at times but mostly just weird, with every imaginable weather phenomenon occurring (more or less, I didn’t see any explicit fog but it’s a big city, somewhere it could’ve happened).  Today it was much worse, in the afternoon it started snowing vigorously and the wind blew it horizontally at times.  It was also very cold so even short periods of time spent outside were undesirable.  On the other hand, in the US they had quite a few tornado-related deaths today so I suppose we don’t have much to complain about.  It is February after all.

Not only Xbox360 was First, but they did it better, too

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Haven’t been posting much these days.  I’ll post some pictures from my Japan trip later, but for now, just a note.  PS3 added DivX support shortly after the Xbox360 but unfortunately the support is pretty weak.  While Xbox supports most of my randomly selected files – say 80 to 90 percent – PS3 supports only about 20-30%.  I hear other people have more luck but in any case, the support appears to be half baked and is not of much practical use.  Xbox on the other hand works well.

And now, to wash the foul taste off, comes the Patlabor

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In order to wash away the foul taste of the Kiddy Grade, I started watching Patlabor TV series.  Three episodes, so far nothing stinks.  Nothing stands out either, though.

Started Watching Gundam Seed Destiny

Posted on April 26th, 2006 in Uncategorized by andrija

So, the time has finally come. To watch the sequel for my all time favourite anime, Gundam Seed. I’ve seen 7 episodes so far. My impressions: entertaining, top notch looking, good ending song, so-so opening song. But the story so far just doesn’t energize me as much as the original did, and there are lots of parallels. True, I wasn’t that much into original until later, but there isn’t that feeling inside of me while watching it. Of course, I might be unfairly giving the original high score due to the fact it started the avalanche of anime for me – first love cannot be forgotten, as they say.

However, I will say that Lacus Clyne is much cuter in anime than her figurines imply! And only in episode 7 do we get to see Haro – while Tori’s debut is in episode 6. Neither serve any purpose here so far, unlike in the original.

Watching Farscape

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I started watching Farscape – a sci-fi TV series that aired a few years ago.  It’s certainly entertaining and I’ll keep watching it (yet again, being able to rent from is great).  It’s not perfect by any means though – there are certainly a fair bit of classic sci-fi trappings present here.  Starting with the theme music for the show – it’s not bad but it’s generic to a fault.  So are many of the plots.  And it suffers from “show of the week” problem, which is shared by vast majority of western shows; meaning, there is no overarching plot and each episode can stand on its own.  The benefit of this is only to casual viewers, which perhaps TV studios think we all are.  However, if I don’t care about show strong enough to watch all the episodes, then I usually have better uses for my time anyway so I don’t bother with it at all.  This may not be how majority of people watches TV but I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about other people’s watching preferences; when I invest my time, I expect return that is meaningful to me.  At any rate, so far (up to episode 10) the show doesn’t have a real story – it only has a premise.

However, the way stories (one-episodes ones that is) are developed seems intelligent enough in its better moments that it reminds me of Star Trek: the Next Generation.  Not all episodes are like that; at least half are run-of-the-mill generic ones without any appreciable return, save for character development.  Which actually is the strong point of the show.  The acting is excellent.  And that is very rare in sci-fi shows.  The acting is so good that it makes the show interesting to watch even when it’s being generic.  And the acting manages to get the most out of what character development is there, so in the end you do feel like your understanding of characters has gone up a bit after watching each episode.  I do have to say that sometimes it ends up in a contradiction (character acts out of his character, no pun intended, and perhaps even seems to permanently change their outlook on a certain aspect of life), which doesn’t seem to be carried over to following episodes.  I hate that.

Therefore, I can only say that so far Farscape is entertaining.  Which however is good enough considering the current sci-fi show climate.

Stanislaw Lem Dead, Honey and Clover 2

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I guess you can’t have good news without bad news.  Sad news of the day is that Stanislaw Lem, one of my all-time favourite Sci-Fi authors, has died.  He was pretty old – 84 – and hasn’t written anything that I can recall since 1988 or so, but his books were fairly important to me at some point of my life.  He’s most famous for “Solaris”, though I prefered his last book “The Fiasco”.  Perhaps his best book in my opinion was “The Invincible”, though “Solaris” is probably the closest to mainstream literature of all of his works.  Do read the book, regardless of movies.  It’s a powerful piece of work.  But never mind movies and “Solaris”, he was much more than just that.  He also wrote a bunch of stories about pilot Pirks in his earlier days, and this character even made it in a very clever way into his last book (“The Fiasco”).  Then there was the early book “Eden” as well as “Voice of our masters” (or something close to that).

Just checked, and reminded myself, he also wrote Star Diaries (of Ilyon Tichy, mispelled but I read it in a different language).  Invincible seems really hard to find, unfortunately.  Well, Fiasco is available, and along with Solaris and stories about pilot Pirx – and Star Diaries – these will do.  I haven’t read many of his works myself either, as they were unavailable in my native language before I moved to Canada.

Good news of the day is that season 2 of Honey and Clover, probably the best anime of 2005, has been annonced!  Coming this summer in Japan!  I hope it’s at least half as good as part one was.

Random Update

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So we had a veritable blizzard here in Vancouver last night, and it was snowing pretty strongly most of today’s morning.  Yet it was sunny in the afternoon!  What a crazy city this is!

I continued watching Vandread, and it’s still funny and interesting to watch.  Lots of action, very
good looking action too!

Oh, and I finally updated the website/”>”>website – only one theme available now but at least it should work on many more browsers, it is less demanding on your hardware and – what you don’t see – it’s built from templates.  Which means I can now change or add stuff far more easily without having to change manually a dozen
or two files.  This was a requirement I had to fullfill before embarking on adding more content.