Cherry and plum blossoms in bloom

Posted on April 5th, 2014 in Vancouver by andrija

Rare cherries are in now bloom along their more numerous cousins. These spire cherries (just a guess) are near London Drugs on Kingsway. There’s more at Kingsway and Rupert. I am always surprised they don’t get mentioned in Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival (though I haven’t looked too hard).






The more popular cultivar at Metrotown was in good shape last week.

Metrotown cherries

Metrotown cherries

And in Melbourne park near Joyce station where there are at least 3 if not 4 different types of cherries – Shirotae, Tai Haku, Akebono at least – there is some cherry action as well.

Akebono in Melbourne park

Akebono in Melbourne park


A Major Fire in the Neighbourhood

Posted on December 28th, 2009 in Vancouver by andrija

I looked through the window to see what’s up with so many sirens. And indeed something is up. The smoke was black and there was lots of it. I am not sure where exactly it was, looks like Kingsway and Rupert, somewhere behind the hotel.


UPDATE: apparently this was a two-alarm fire (really?! but look at all that smoke!) at Big O Tires, an automotive repair centre. That makes sense, the black smoke could be from tires. And now, an hour later, not a whiff of smoke is coming so I guess it wasn’t as bad as it can get.

Sakura in July?!

Posted on July 2nd, 2008 in Vancouver by andrija

In front of my office building, there are still some cherry blossoms.  But it’s July now!  Exactly what kind of cherries are these?  There were plenty of blossoms on these trees in early to mid May so I’m not sure are these leftovers (two months later?!) or something else entirely.

P7030187 P7030171

Vancouver Cherry Blossoms 2008 – part 4

Posted on April 27th, 2008 in Vancouver by andrija

Finally, Kanzan cherries are in bloom!  These are my favourites.  Large pink double flowers.  There’s plenty of trees around Main Street and they already look fabulous even though it will still take a day or two until they’re in full bloom.





Vancouver Cherry Blossoms 2008 – Part 3

Posted on April 17th, 2008 in Vancouver by andrija

This time around I got to see a bunch of rare cherries.  First off, between Inverness and Knight, on 47th Avenue, there are some Spire cherries.  Probably – because people disagree on the festival thread that discussed them.  These were pretty much finished, there were barely any flowers left on a few trees.


Supposed Spires looked like this.  Not great pictures but such was the day.


Before I got to these though, I had to walk through the park on 41st, between Fraser and Knight.  There was a single cherry there, a huge Yoshino (or Akebono).


Next up, beautiful Accolades which aren’t exactly rare but it’s rare to see any left at this time of the year as they normally bloom in March.  I stumbled upon a few still open flowers.


Next up are Akebonos, or Yoshinos.  Not sure which cultivar were these as I didn’t pay much attention.  They were just a bit past full bloom.  This was the biggest tree on the block.


Beautiful cherries.  Very common around here, though.  The second picture is Accolade, by the way.  I sneaked it in.


Next trees are supposed to be pretty rare, though.  Tai Haku cherries.  Incredible display in Marpole, on 66th or was it 67th?


And some more.  I think these might be the most beautiful cherries in Vancouver.



Aren’t these just amazing?


And finally, Shirotae – Mount Fuji cherry.  These big, white double flowers looked great in full bloom, and the tree was overcome with flowers.





Vancouver Cherry Blossoms 2008 – part 2

Posted on April 14th, 2008 in Vancouver by andrija

I was out and about on Saturday and Sunday, enjoying the best day this year so far (22 degrees!) in Vancouver and the various cherry blossoms. There are several sources of information about cherries in Vancouver, one is the official Vancouver Cherry Blossom festival and here is another  link to species of cherries in Vancouver. From my observation this weekend, you can see the following cherries right now:

Yoshino cherries – all over town.  This huge one is from VanDusen botanical garden. 











The next one is from a residential street between the garden and the Queen Elizabeth park.  You can see the closeup of flowers.


The last one is near my building.


Weeping Higan Cherries  – in VanDusen botanical garden, should be in full bloom around now (on Saturday they looked like they were a few days short of fully blooming.

P4120184 P4120172

Shirotae (Mount Fuji) cherries – the ones with white double flowers. They are currently blooming at Granville and Georgia, in front of Sears. They are beautiful! Their leaves come at the same time as flowers which makes the combination look even better – green and white. And actually there are three or four of these right in front of my building, just starting to bloom!  If you look carefully at that picture of Yoshinos, you can see a tree with some green leaves, not yet in bloom – that is the same Shirotae, and today they have begun to bloom.


Takasago cherries – I probably saw them too but didn’t distinguish them from Yoshinos. These should also be in bloom around now and should be frequent in Vancouver.

Taihaku cherries – supposedly very rare in Vancouver. Judging by the picture on the website,they should be blooming now and the one tree that should be easily accessible is one close to the Burrard bridge, on the south side. I’d like to take a look.

Sargent cherries – there are some in full bloom on East 43rd Avenue, between Inverness and Knight streets.  I have not seen those. I did see a single Sargent cherry in the VanDusen garden, also in bloom right now but that one is much more white than these and is presumably not common in this region. P4120066 P4120064

Umineko cherries – near the Queen Elizabeth Park’s duck pond. These were in full bloom over the weekend and are also white-greenish. P4120225 P4120227 While they look similar, they aren`t the same as ones on Georgia street.  The major distinction is that Umineko has single flowers while Shirotae has double flowers.

Cherry Blossoms 2008, Part 1

Posted on April 5th, 2008 in Vancouver by andrija

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has already started almost two weeks ago, but cherries are only now in full bloom at Burrard station where it usually opens.  However, there are many cherries in bloom around the city, it’s just that you may have to know where to look if you’re looking for early blossoms.  The most commonly found Yoshino trees are still not in bloom.  At any rate, there are plenty of blossoming cherries downtown.  My skills as a tree photographer are terrible and as you may notice, my Sony point and shoot is severely lacking as well; I didn’t want to drag my big camera as I had no idea I’d run into so many nice blossoms. Looking at the Festival website, these are Akebono cherries.




Map image

Total Eclipse of the Moon

Posted on February 20th, 2008 in Life,Vancouver by andrija

Despite looking like writeoff even by 18:00, by 19:30 the sky was mostly entirely clear! If I haven`t looked through the window, I wouldn`t have even realized it. From my apartment nothing was visible but when we got out of the building we were able to see it immediately. What luck! The total eclipse of the moon was very visible most of the time even though there were some clouds occasionally covering it. I managed to take a few pictures with a tripod but it looked nicer through binoculars.

Random Pictures from Vancouver, last Fall

Posted on February 18th, 2008 in Life,Vancouver by andrija

I took these pictures last fall… The first one is a nice combination of fall colours in front of Joyce station.

The second is the same thing. Have to decide which one to keep as official.

The next one is sunset at False Creek, at Science world (and no, I won`t be calling it Telus World of Science, ever).

Next one is again the same thing, but with more view of many cranes where the Olympic village for the 2010 Olympics is being built. I voted against, just so we`re in the clear.

And we have another picture in that area, as I was walking towards Best Buy. It was deep into fall and I was foolish enough to leave house way too late and too thinly dressed. Instead of sun I got sunset and then freezing as I was walking too much. This scene looked much better in real life.

Back to my apartment, here’s the view from my window on one weekend afternoon in early October (8th).

Then there`s one early morning before work when it`s all foggy. This is typical of October and November, especially around Halloween. This was on October 25.

And there was even snow, lots of it. December 7th.

Freaky weather

Posted on February 5th, 2008 in Life,Vancouver by andrija

Today is yet another day of freaky weather in Vancouver.  This morning I got up to see snow falling and everything was white, mostly.  When I left the building for work an hour later I expected snow as I walked out – instead I got hit by rain and had to quickly retreat to pull my umbrella out of the bag.  While walking I was battered by strong winds.  That was also the likely cause of my umbrella snapping – I got it in Japan in September and as usual it was dead in less than a year.  The only umbrella that lasted long was the one I got for free from a TELUS contractor while I worked on Lynx project (it’s been 6 years and it still works!).  It was a miserable though short walk from the mall to the office.

Then today at lunch time I had to run back home as I forgot to bring some motherboards I was about to sell via Craigslist.  It wasn’t raining any longer but it was cold and windy and cloudy.  An hour later, and now while still cold and very windy (office building door stays open due to wind!) – the sun is shining and the sky is at least partially blue!

What the hell?!

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