My Favourite Crazy Sign

Posted on September 22nd, 2006 in Vancouver by andrija

I have a friend – actually two – that like to collect pictures of weird signs around the world. I don’t, but I certainly appreciate funny ones. However, there’s a sign that I found in my neighbourhood that I find so funny that I just have to show it. In fact I planned to show it for at least two years now, but never managed to take a picture.

So, here it is. In a courtyard of a local Chinese mall, there’s a fountain. Crystall Mall courtyard

And next to the fountain, there’s the sign.
Crystall Mall fountain sign

Well, guys… If it’s prohibited, then why is it at your own risk??? Make up your mind – allowed or not??  Looks to me like someone with a weak grasp of English was reading one too many of our stupid, idiotic notices and warnings, and decided that more is better – it’s safer to put two notices rather than just one, no?