Monoprice Flat HDMI Cables do not Work

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 in Hardware & Software by andrija

Surprisingly enough, while Monoprice usually supplies great stuff at even better prices, they seem to have stumbled on this one.  So, their flat cables – of which I got two 3 feet and one 6 feet – do not work for me at 1080p or higher resolution.  I tried them from my laptop to a HDMI switch and from the switch to the 24" LG monitor (when driven by my PC’s 4870) and it did not work.  Neither of 3 feet cables worked.  I will try connecting my laptop to my TV to see if that works…  Incidentally, my laptop – Sony Vaio Z – does not like my monitor either and does not want to output at 1920×1200.  It claims it does but the picture is screwed up.  I can’t use newer drivers because of proprietary hybrid graphics switching.

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