How to flash firmware of OCZ Agility or Vertex SSD on Sony Vaio Z laptop

Posted on October 26th, 2009 in Hardware & Software by andrija

In case someone does a google search and ends up here: I was able to flash firmware of my Vaio Z VGN-Z555DN laptop w/OCZ Agility SSD firmware to 1.4 using this convoluted procedure.

First you must flash laptop BIOS to R2168M3 (if using Vaio series 5); prior version might work too. Then use the hack to enable advanced menu in the BIOS – search for “Feature Enable” and VT enable on Vaio Z; you’ll need a USB stick with EFI/BOOT etc. Then after flash you will be able to enter BIOS (press F2 during boot) and enter advanced menu and change SATA mode to IDE. Now use CD or USB to flash firmware to 1.4. After that, you can again reflash R2170M3 (needed for graphics drivers in Windows 7). You will now again be in AHCI mode and you should enter BIOS again to enable VT as well if you wish. This downflashing of BIOS is needed because version R2170M3 removes advanced menu so it’s not possible to change AHCI to IDE.

This is still easier and faster than disassembling the laptop.